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Aikido Finance logo
Build a portfolio in minutes Write a Review
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What is Aikido Finance and how does it work?

Long-term algorithmic trading tactics can be found at Aikido Finance. They offer a library of evidence-based solutions that they have tried over the last two decades. You can create a portfolio in minutes with Aikido and integrate it with your broker to live trade a strategy. Their goal is to democratize Wall Street and make quantitative investing accessible to the general public. There is no code, no hidden costs, and no entrance hurdles! Quantitative investment has a high entry hurdle. It necessitates a significant amount of financial and coding expertise, as well as funds and time. The goal of Aikido Finance is to address this issue. We offer a library of quantitative strategies that customers can utilize to build a portfolio in under 5 minutes. Aikido Finance is ideal for millennials who want to build their own investment portfolio utilizing a disciplined manner. Aikido allows you to develop your portfolio in a methodical, mathematical, rules-based manner. Select from a variety of stock and cryptocurrency investment ideas. Find the greatest stocks with this robust stock screener and research center.

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Aikido Finance Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Starts at $8.25. Offers Free-forever plan.
Teaser logo
Collecting data on private markets made easy Write a Review
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What is Teaser and how does it work?

Teaser software makes business intelligence simple and enables the gathering of financial data that is hard to find in private markets and MENA capital. The software technology incorporates the skills of research analysts from numerous fields of work like private equity firms, investment companies, government authorities etc. This enables the software to serve better and provide data easily. Investment professionals can utilise this software to remain up to date and get to a notion with ample information. The software helps in decision-making associated with investment funds, public tenders, public and private companies, M&A transactions etc. The software also provides a cloud-based platform which has a powerful search filter along with a dynamic dashboard to show the search results. It also has well-defined graphics and visualisation for a clear understanding. The comprehensive coverage of the database of the previously mentioned sectors is possible by using this software effortlessly.

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Teaser Pricing

  • Free Trial Not Available
  • Teaser Offers Custom plan.
Stonksfolio logo
Analyse your portfolios with perfection using Stonkfolio Write a Review
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What is Stonksfolio and how does it work?

Stonksfolio is an excellent platform for gaining real-time insights into stock and ETF investments alike. The portfolio overview offered by the software allows easy tallying of differential performance stages made with the latest US/EU stocks and ETFs. Tracking different holdings also becomes easier with Stonksfolio. These holdings can thus be analysed carefully along with their daily changes, ongoing value and probable net return. While the holdings dashboard allows an overview of all existing holdings together, zooming into any one of them is also convenient. Further, the visuals and statistics of a single holding facilitate a quick analysis of individual purchases thoroughly. A detailed composition of each holding allows timely rebalancing to stay put to the pre-decided objectives. The integrated contribution calculator of Stonksfolio enables categorising the finances according to requirements thereby ensuring a minimum expenditure that is possible. Keeping privacy as a priority, Stonksfolio enables the creation of an anonymised link to a portfolio, that excludes confidential pieces of information like exact transaction and monetary details.

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Stonksfolio Pricing

  • Free Trial Not Available
  • Stonksfolio Offers Custom plan.
INDATA Investment Management Software logo
Investment Management Software Write a Review
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What is INDATA Investment Management Software and how does it work?

For a fast-paced and ever-changing financial market, they need software that can keep up. Enter INDATA Investment Management Software, the go-to choice for professional management of their investments. INDATA's software links traders with portfolio managers, executing brokers, compliance officers and operations staff in real time to ensure efficient and error-free trading. With INDATA, they can rest assured that their investments are in safe hands. It's the perfect choice for comprehensive trade analysis and real-time performance reporting. This has never been easier, or more convenient! Across the entire front, middle and back office, data-driven performance monitoring acts as a powerful resource. Trust INDATA to actively and intelligently watch over their investments. INDATA's intuitive, easy-to-use design simplifies the process of entering orders. This helps to reduce the risk of errors, while push notifications ensure that everyone in the team is kept informed throughout the process.

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INDATA Investment Management Software Pricing

  • Free Trial Not Available
  • INDATA Investment Management Software Offers Custom plan.
News Sentinel by Blockbrain logo
Empowering Investments with AI Write a Review
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What is News Sentinel by Blockbrain and how does it work?

Introducing News Sentinel by Blockbrain, an AI-powered platform that empowers investors with real-time data and market trends. With its state-of-the-art AI algorithms, News Sentinel analyzes social media sentiment, news articles, blog posts, and more, providing users with valuable insights that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. According to Blockbrain, the platform's risk analysis is unparalleled in its accuracy, combining historical market data with the latest news and social media updates to give investors a deep understanding of potential risks. News Sentinel goes beyond just providing information; it empowers users to take action by allowing them to customize alerts and create personalized investment strategies easily. Join the ranks of savvy investors leveraging AI's power with News Sentinel, uncovering the hidden trading signals and risk insights that will set you apart from the competition and pave the way to tremendous success.

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News Sentinel by Blockbrain Pricing

  • Free Trial Not Available
  • News Sentinel by Blockbrain Offers Custom plan.
PMplus logo
A solution to manage your wealth and assets Write a Review
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What is PMplus and how does it work?

PMplus is a marketing-led, cloud-native investment portfolio management platform designed by industry specialists. It supplies you with a variety of wealth and asset manager/administrator solutions. You may manage a wide range of funds using PMplus, including audit fees, director fees, management fees, and performance fees. High Watermarks and Scales are two approaches for calculating fees. A user-friendly approach allows you to compute and recalculate your NAVs at any time. It offers wealth Managers a wide range of features, such as user-defined groups, onboarding, and migration tools, as well as digital reconciliation of custodian remarks with workflow, productivity, and risk analytics. You get 'board quality' reports in the language/character set of your choice. It can be used by administrators, custodians, and trustees as the asset account record-keeper. Their solution engineers will collaborate closely with you to identify the ideal setup for your business, including connection with your current international infrastructure and procedures. Additionally, they can provide Trustees with solutions such as shadow NAV accounting and compliance reporting in cases when several administrators need to be combined.

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PMplus Pricing

  • Free Trial Not Available
  • PMplus Offers Custom plan.
Claritus logo
Clearing the Investment Fog Write a Review
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What is Claritus and how does it work?

Investors live in a constant fog today by not having visibility of their entire wealth. Claritus combines past insights and today's portfolio, so user always know that user know. Claritus is the platform every investor needs to make decisions with clarity and confidence. They keep the privacy and security in mind at all times. Claritus is designed to meet the highest bank-grade security standards. With Claritus, all of thr information is secure and encrypted at all times.

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Claritus Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Starts at $12.50.
Seeking Alpha logo
Stock Market Analysis & Tools for investors Write a Review
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What is Seeking Alpha and how does it work?

Seeking Alpha provides investors with breaking news, analysis and newsletters to follow their investments and the market. We also have a suite of subscription plans that address specific investing styles and user needs.

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Seeking Alpha Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Starts at $119.00. Offers Custom plan.
Snowball Analytics logo
One-click portfolio rebalancing Write a Review
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What is Snowball Analytics and how does it work?

The dividend calendar helps to track the dates of dividend payouts, compare current and planned earnings and predict income for the year ahead. Assesses the financial condition of the company and helps create a safer source of passive income. Many companies tend to increase dividend payments now. They make sure clearly see by how much passive income in portfolio grows.

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Snowball Analytics Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Starts at $8.33. Offers Free-forever plan.
Tykr logo
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What is Tykr and how does it work?

Tykr is an all-in-one stock screener and education platform. It assists you in reducing risk and managing your own investments throughout your entire investing journey. Tykr's grading methodology is simple to comprehend, and it explains why a stock is labeled On Sale (possible purchase), Watch, or Overpriced (potential sell). This provides you the confidence to take the next step and establishes you as an expert when you share your knowledge with family, friends, and other investors. Tykr is an investment management tool that includes a stock screener and information platform. Tykr's grading methodology is simple to comprehend, and it explains why a stock is labeled On Sale (possible purchase), Watch, or Overpriced (potential sell). This provides you the confidence to take the next step and establishes you as an expert when you share your knowledge with family, friends, and other investors.

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Tykr Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Starts at $15.83. Offers Custom plan.

List of Investment Portfolio Management Software

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Teaser Teaser 0
Stonksfolio Stonksfolio 0
INDATA Investment Management Software INDATA Investment Management Software 0
News Sentinel by Blockbrain News Sentinel by Blockbrain 0
PMplus PMplus 0
Claritus Claritus 0
Seeking Alpha Seeking Alpha 0
Snowball Analytics Snowball Analytics 0
Tykr Tykr 0


Investment portfolio management software - as the name suggests - offers the ability to manage an investment portfolio. It helps the investor to have detailed investment records and track their stocks and mutual funds too. Investment portfolio management software can also be dubbed as a wealth management software since it lets one do investment tracking in a wholesome manner. These products could be used by an individual, or financial advisers, or even an organization too. 

For a product to be in the investment portfolio management software category, it must: 

  • Offers an at-a-glance view of different investments like stocks, mutual funds, etc. 
  • Provide an option to access investment records

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