It is undeniable and natural to have big dreams for your business, but those dreams are only achievable when you break them into smaller ones. In order to grow your business effectively, you need to have certain objectives and key results. And to help you set these objectives, you can take the help of OKR Software. This guide will give you an in-depth understanding of OKR software. Read on!

Why do you need OKR Software?

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Guide

You may believe it or not, if your business has a clear objective, it is bound to make some progress as tiny as it may be. But, these small achievements may get lost in the bigger picture. Objectives and Key Results Software presents us with the answer to this issue. As important as it is to have a plan for your company, it is also important to have smaller goals so that you can feel victorious every time you succeed in fulfilling one. 

Getting smaller wins regularly will make sure that your employees have a positive outlook toward work which is bound to keep them adrenaline-driven. This, in turn, will not only make sure that more work is put in, but the quality of the work done will also have great improvement when compared to the time when bigger goals were divided into smaller ones. The software that this article is concerned with is all about making sure your company is an ardent follower of achieving small goals. By incorporating this software into your business, a rise in your profits is a guaranteed inclusion. Moreover, you will notice that getting closer to your long-term aim will be easier and faster when you have the Objectives and Key Results Software guiding you. 

If you are contemplating integrating a new software within your business system, you must get hold of all the information that is available about it. To make it easier for you when you are choosing the Objectives and Key Results Software for your business, let us look at a few terms that you may come across. 

The Objective

Among many different functions, the main aim of the Objectives and Key Results Software is to make sure that there is no area of the business that will end up harming its profit. 

The Objective section of the software includes a list of all the aspects of the business that need improvement. The data in this section is completely qualitative. 

Keeping them listed in one place is not only making them extremely organized but also gives you the space to look at the issues and think of constructive ways to solve them. 

The Key Results

It is important to invest all your attention and concentration in making sure all issues standing in the way of the progress of the company are either rectified or completely removed. 

But, it is equally important to be aware of whether your efforts are bearing any fruit which is exactly what the Key Results section of the software is concerned with. 

The data is completely quantitative and will inform you how you will come to terms with the fact that your objective has been achieved. 

The Initiatives

The Objectives and Key Results Software will not abandon you after mere organization fulfillment. It takes an active part in making sure your business is free from all hindrances that are hampering its progress. 

The Initiatives section of the software is responsible for letting you plan different kinds of strategies and projects that will aim to fulfill your objectives. 

The Weekly Check-Ins

As the name suggests, this section of the Objectives and Key Results Software allows you to check in every week and keep a track of the progress you have made. 

Thus, you can keep checking in on your completed task which will motivate you to work harder and better. 

Moreover, Weekly Check-Ins also contain information regarding the work that you need to focus on next. You can refer to it for your next project. 

How do OKR Software work? 

The basic features of Objectives and Key Results Software have already been discussed. Following up on that, the different employees of a business are divided into teams. 

The team leader or manager is responsible for listing out the main Objectives for the company, that is, areas that need improvement. 

It is up to the teams to figure out their Objectives that will accumulate to fulfill the bigger ones as defined by the team leader. 

The teams will also make their Key Results so that the leader will be aware of how their progress can be accessed. 

Once this is done, their progress will be monitored with the help of the Objectives and Key Results Software and make sure that the Objectives are reached on time. 

How can you benefit from OKR Software? 

Thus, it is always recommended to keep your employees in the loop regarding the company’s goals and objectives. This can be efficiently done with the help of the OKR Software. Let us know more about its benefits.

Increased productivity

If the workers are aware that the work they are putting their effort into is a part of something bigger, their productivity will spontaneously increase. 

With Objectives and Key Results Software, you will be fully aware of the goals and how they will play a role in fulfilling the objective of the company.

Keeping you focused

Not having a clear set of objectives can often lead to straying away from your goal. Moreover, it is next to impossible to work on something without a definite purpose. 

When you know that the purpose of the work that you are doing is leading to a bigger picture, you are bound to remain focused and do the work better. 

List of OKR Software

You must have made up your mind about the Objectives and Key Results Software if you have reached this section of the article. 

Let us look at the potential OKR Software that you will benefit from when you incorporate them into your business.

If you think it is complicated to handle Objectives and Key Results Software, then brings to you a step-by-step guide that will help you navigate through the software. 

Profit. co also facilitates meetings between two people so that you can interact with your team better and keep an account of their progress. 


This is a paid Objectives and Key Results software which is also very simple to use because the steps are mentioned. 

It allows you to access instant feedback on a particular project so that you are always well informed about the progress your team has made. 

Unlock: OKR

This is the most recommended Objectives and Key Results Software for business startups because the user interface is so easy to use that even an inexperienced individual can get a taste of what it is. 

The only shortcoming faced while using this software is the inability to integrate email with it. This becomes quite inconvenient considering how email is an important means of communication. 

But, Unlock: OKR allows you to communicate with your teams within the software itself which can compensate for this drawback to a certain extent. 


The obvious conclusion that we can reach is how OKR Software is extremely beneficial for your business and can do wonders for you. While you now know how you could use this software, here are some OKR examples for product development, that can help you get started.


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