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SaaS Glossary - Essential Terms Defined

A SaaS glossary, a compilation of SaaS terminology sorted out, gathered, and well defined. A gazetteer that will enable us to easily find any SaaS term we require to connect with other workers or entrepreneurs of SaaS companies.

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List Management

List management is a series of procedures for gathering information about subscribers, analyzing their activities, ensuring the validity of their email addresses, cleaning an email list of inactive users, and so on. These steps assist companies in maintaining a healthy email list, which is essential for email marketing success.

Product Catalog

A product catalog is a type of marketing collateral that lists essential product details that help buyers make a purchase decision. These details include product features, descriptions, dimensions, price, weight, availability, color, customer reviews, and more.

Mailing List Management

Mailing list management is the process of organizing all email addresses that you collect from customers and leads. You can submit more targeted emails and boost metrics like open rate and bounce rate by validating addresses and removing inactive subscribers from your list on a regular basis. Consider mailing list management to be all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into keeping the mailing list up-to-date and accurate.

To-do List

It's a list of tasks you need to complete or things that you want to do. Most typically, they're organized in order of priority. Traditionally, they're written on a piece of paper or post-it notes and acts as a memory aid.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable refers to the outstanding invoices a company has or the money clients owe the company. The phrase refers to accounts a business has the right to receive because it has delivered a product or service. Accounts receivable, or receivables represent a line of credit extended by a company and normally have terms that require payments due within a relatively short time period. It typically ranges from a few days to a fiscal or calendar year. Companies record accounts receivable as assets on their balance sheets since there is a legal obligation for the customer to pay the debt. Furthermore, accounts receivable are current assets, meaning the account balance is due from the debtor in one year or less.

Alert Notifications

Alert notifications are actionable and content-rich push notifications sent by a software. These notifications can be for anything from new leads to cases that have been ignored or discount requests.

Alerts (Escalation)

Escalation alerts allow users to build notification rules for both primary and custom entities. Escalation rules may include a few requirements that cause alerts via email or on-screen messages. Escalation rules are typically more complex than notifications, and they can be used inside or outside of a workflow. In general, escalation rules are used to generate notifications of more than five conditions or a complex trigger SQL clause. If one or more of the conditions are met, or the clause is activated, a message is displayed on screen or sent via email, values are changed, or SQL is run.

Analytics (ROI Tracking)

Analytics is the method of analyzing data in the database to discover valuable consumer insights that companies can act on. Software integrated with analytics become more intelligent in their understanding of customers, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

Attendance Management

Attendance Management keeps track of your employee hours. It is the system you use to document the time your employees work and the time they take off. Attendance Management can be done by recording employee hours on paper, using spreadsheets, punching time cards, or using online attendance software for your company.

Audio Video Conferencing

This is a wide category of online software that includes everything from free one-to-one audio conferencing to more advanced and expensive tools that allow multiple sites with entire classes to participate in video and audio conferencing.