For teams that rely on bulk email sending, ensuring that emails are sent in the first place (i.e., not ending up in spam folders) and that they are delivered during the ideal time frames is critical. The fundamental purpose of Email Deliverability Software is to assist organizations to optimize their emails and campaigns in order to improve deliverability, open rates, and conversion rates.

How to use Email Deliverability Software?

Email Deliverability Software
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Email Deliverability Software is frequently used in conjunction with email marketing and testing tools. Email deliverability testing and inbox placement optimization skills may be included in more extensive email marketing or marketing automation packages.

Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to improve their marketing efforts. With a return on investment of $42 for every $1 spent, email marketing remains a potent marketing technique. 1 To fully utilize the potential of email marketing, you must first select the software that will allow you to take your marketing to the next level.

Here we have compiled a list of the top software for you to go through. 

Top 10 Email Deliverability Software

Twilio SendGrid Email API

SendGrid makes communicating with your consumers simple and stress-free. Senders can save time, scale their business, and prosper in an ever-changing email world with the support of our technology and experience. Over 80,000 customers, both large and small, trust us to send over 45 billion emails per month.

We provide the following services to assist developers in sending with confidence:

Quick and easy integration

SendGrid’s streamlined integration tools and standardized API were created by developers for developers, making it simple to integrate with SendGrid. With an interactive API reference, open-source libraries in seven languages, and a simple setup sequence, you can send your first email in under five minutes. SendGrid’s RESTful APIs are based on HTTP and return JSON, making them simple to use.

SendGrid delivers exceptional performance to help you achieve your objectives, as proved by senders like Uber. We’re available when they need us, with 99.95 percent platform and API uptime. Our custom MTA can assist your expansion by processing over 45 billion emails every month. By maintaining relationships with key email ecosystem influencers and providing critical delivery technologies, we can help you optimize your email distribution.

Empowering tools and insights

So you don’t have to waste time retrieving data and putting out fires, learn more about your sending, and properly share your SendGrid account. To collaborate with your team, use SendGrid email templates and check stats in the UI. With our improved email activity feed, you can keep track of delivery and troubleshoot with ease.

When do you need it?

When an inevitable difficulty arises, we’ll work with you to get your program back on track. Our trained and on-call technical Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you, or you can solve it yourself using the SendGrid Knowledge Center’s succinct how-to content. Our specialist services are here to help you optimize your email program, whether you need assistance with your first deployment, a quick one-time consultation, or ongoing advice.

Data Axle Inboxable

The deliverability monitoring features in Inboxable allow you to precisely analyze the efficacy of your email campaigns and establish proactive deliverability plans. Our email builder allows you to generate attractive messages without having to know how to code. You may see the inboxing, spam placement, and blocking rates of each email campaign at over 100 ISPs in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

In real-time, keep an eye on your placement.

View each campaign’s inbox placement in near real-time, discover any deliverability concerns in real-time, and even halt a mailing if a large block occurs.

View metrics by geographic location and Internet Service Provider (ISP).

To expedite remediation and minimize harm, identify which ISPs are generating issues with your mailings and where they are situated.

At a glance: deliverability metrics

To quickly add deliverability metrics into presentations or KPI reports, export them in.pdf or.xlsx formats.


MailCharts is a rival email tracking tool that allows you to see how frequently they discount when they email, and how they segment their emails. MailCharts gives email marketers the tools they need to create new campaigns, improve important lifecycle journeys, and take charge of meetings. Use our data to develop and improve your email strategy, research competitor and peer campaigns, and learn about eCommerce trends and insights for brands and industry organizations. Start preparing your next campaign by looking through our chosen email examples with stunning designs. Thousands of email automation are triggered, collected, and categorized by MailCharts so you don’t have to. We’ve grouped firms together to give you a better understanding of data and trends in the eCommerce market. One of the realities of eCommerce email marketing is that you’re typically working with a small team, if not a department of one.

Inbox Tracker

Inbox Tracker is the most powerful and accurate email deliverability analytics software on the market, powered by the world’s largest email data footprint. Inbox Tracker gives you the tools you need to make better, data-driven decisions so you can reach more subscribers and grow your email program. Professionals through email When seconds and minutes count, think and respond swiftly without having to sift through mountains of data. Reduce the time and effort required to enhance your software by relying on streamlined tools. Monitor deliverability concerns in real-time to prevent problems from affecting your future sending and engagement. You can swiftly course-correct and focus on what matters most with real-time insights and alerts on crucial email performance data.

Due to undiscovered deliverability concerns, 20 percent of business emails ends up in the spam bin. With access to the industry’s most extensive email data footprint, take quick action and make every email count.


EmailLabs is a cloud-based SMTP solution that focuses on local ESPs to send emails globally. It ensures the deliverability of e-mail messages sent from its users’ systems or applications, as well as extensive analytics. EmailLabs is a full-featured email marketing platform for SMEs and agencies. EmailLabs specializes in end-to-end Web App solutions. Contact Database, Subscriber Management, Spam Check, Template Management, and Reporting/Analytics are all available in one place with this online Email Marketing solution.

All systems and applications are supported by EmailLabs, including e-commerce, billing, accounting, CRM, ERP, CMS, marketing automation, and more.

Its SMTP integration enables the service to be operational in a short period of time.


The company is dedicated to the science of deliverability, which is the most significant, yet frequently overlooked, obstacle to conversion: emails that do not reach inboxes.

SendForensics is the world’s most advanced email delivery system. For the first time, regardless of the sending platform, deliverability can be properly monitored and optimized down to the individual components of an email’s content and infrastructure. SendForensics provides email marketers, agencies, ESPs, and high-volume senders around the world with unique pre-emptive deliverability and network management solutions.

The company was founded in 2013 with roots in forensic fault-analysis research to prevent lawful senders from committing the mistakes that cause communications to be marked as spam by offering analysis and optimization before an email is sent out.

As a result, marketers will have a higher level of engagement, ESPs will have better-performing networks, and high-trust industries will have tighter security.

Jump Send

Jump Send, currently known as Launch, is an online tool that helps businesses improve their analysis and reach out to more potential consumers. Since the product used to be a stand-alone tool but is now a component of Jungle Scout, there are a lot more options on the table, whether it’s getting sales solutions or reviews! Overall, the application makes it easier for companies to communicate with their customers. Not to mention, Jump Send (Launch) is a product-specific tool. Users may quickly correct any typos or errors and make adjustments as needed.

As a shopper, consumers can also access their accounts through the tool’s main website. If you are a vendor, however, you must first register with Jungle Scout. Finally, if you’re a Jungle Scout user, all you have to do is upgrade your account to gain Jump Send (Launch) perks!


Folderly is an AI-powered email verification platform that enhances the deliverability of all outgoing email traffic. It’s designed for both startups and corporations. Folderly avoids spam traps, spam filters, and blacklists from affecting email deliverability.

Folderly’s Spam Checker can run daily spam identification campaigns to check every email address for poor deliverability performance and email sending difficulties, and it can connect to over 50 platforms. Folderly can enhance email open rates and click-through rates by evaluating spam issues before they occur. Using spam testing, Folderly’s Email Deliverability Test can uncover critical email deliverability issues and propose email-based solutions. Folderly uses domain analysis to verify company domains against common blacklists, spam traps, and other factors to improve deliverability.

A dedicated agent from Folderly provides ongoing support.

Mail Monitor

Use out-of-the-box mail server monitoring tools to track email performance and identify behavior patterns that lead to bad service. SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor (SAM) is a comprehensive end-user visibility solution for Microsoft Outlook Web Access and other leading web email clients. Teramind’s e-mail monitoring software monitors and indexes all information linked to an email’s receipt or transmission, preventing security breaches and sensitive data from being transmitted out of a system. Monitoring employee emails in the workplace is an important part of detecting insider threats and preventing data loss. Teramind eliminates the guesswork of figuring out who employees are emailing, what they’re sharing, and whether or not sensitive information are being attached.

It provides firms with information on how employees utilize email in their day-to-day employment. E-mail monitoring may provide a plethora of information about individual users as well as entire departments. This can aid management in identifying poor working relationships or communication challenges among people or groups. Because all incoming and outgoing messages are logged, it’s easy to see if there’s an unacceptable delay between when important requests are sent and when they’ve been responded to. This can significantly enhance workplace efficiency while also ensuring compliance and company standards are met.


Inboxroad is an SMTP relay service that improves email delivery with features such as email APIs, thorough analytics, and a dedicated IP. Inboxroad is an Amsterdam-based email marketing and automation software. It allows organizations of all sizes to send bulk emails and transactional emails quickly with a strong SMTP service, a dedicated IP address, and personalized assistance. Emails are sent through Inboxroad’s SMTP relay service or its email API. You’ll also get a tonne of email deliverability analytics to track your emails in real time once they’ve been delivered. Whether you’re sending marketing campaigns or transactional emails, Inboxroad can help you get your emails into the inbox. Inboxroad may integrate with a variety of existing front-ends as well as your own custom-built solution.


Email Deliverability Software helps businesses, especially sales and marketing teams, track email sends and optimize email campaigns to improve deliverability rates.

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