Investment Portfolio Management refers to a collective effort by an organization to centralize and coordinate project efforts across a portfolio of work. For this heavy work which needs analytics and data science, PPM Softwares come to the rescue.

How does Investment Portfolio Management work?

Investment Portfolio Management
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Investment Portfolio Management Software helps in automating investment processes, streamlining the money-market planning, managing them, and delivery of each project.

Top 5 Investment Portfolio Management Software


Ziggma is currently the best investment portfolio and risk management software in the IT market, which helps private investors to retain complete control over the investments they make.

You, as a user, can easily link your investment accounts into the software to benefit from a whole set of optimization and great monitoring tools. In-built ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) screener offered by this solution software that helps you to identify the best ETFs and stocks available within the market.

Ziggma portfolio management software features a variety of investment portfolio management tools like account aggregation, portfolio analytics, portfolio optimization, and more. 

Professional-grade fundamental data provided by this software helps users benefit from industry-specific KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for insurance, banking, and real estate.

Advent Portfolio Exchange

You must be on top of your game in a complex and competitive investment environment. The appropriate technology can help you beat the odds. Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX) is the first combined client relationship management and portfolio management system on the market. APX, which is part of the Advent Investment Suite, brings your complete business – front, middle, and back offices – together on a single platform.

Simplify operations by storing all of your portfolio, relationship, and prospect data in a centralized, scalable platform.


MProfit is a portfolio management program for investors and financial professionals. MProfit allows you to manage all of your investments from one place. Furthermore, the software can import data from over 700 brokers and financial institutions in order to provide meaningful insights and obtain capital gains in ITR format. When it comes to data import, the format in which a piece of data is stored is rarely a factor to consider. MProfit can easily transfer notes, back-office data for stocks, Mutual Fund CAS Statements, and e-NPS statements from Karvy or NSDL, among other things.

It can also be used to import files saved in a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV, and TXT versions. The software acts as a complete portfolio manager, providing a wide range of services for managing investments in stocks, futures, options, mutual funds, bonds, fixed deposits, NPS, AIS, and other assets. For examining consolidated holdings, these portfolios can be further divided into categories. Maintaining client investments in the category- and family-based portfolios becomes exceedingly convenient for advisors.

MorningStar direct

Morningstar Direct combines institutional-strength data, proprietary analysis, and in-depth investing research into a single platform. It aids in the optimization of your investing process. It does a little bit of everything for you, from locating the correct assets to sitting down with clients, whether you need to pick, create, or advertise investments or if you’re a one-person shop. Morningstar Direct helps investment professionals deliver on investor оbjeсtives in an information-saturated and constantly developing market by providing access to real-time data, independent research, portfolio analytics, and customizable reporting.

Users of Morningstar Direct can use benchmarks and ranking analysis to track the performance of custom-group investments, as well as to guide manager selection and peer appraisal for due diligence at the point of sale. It’s a software platform that gives professional investment managers access to data and analytics to help them develop new products and portfolios. 

The product is mostly based on lоud. The amount of licenses purchased determines Morningstar Direct’s pricing. The company charges an annual cost of $17,500 for the first user, $11,000 for the second user, and $9,500 for each additional user for clients.

Coesus Advisors

Croesus Central offers portfolio rebalancing that is simple, personalized, and seamless. It’s dependable and adaptable, allowing you to devote more time to customer-facing operations and business development while still adhering to the client and regulatory requirements. Croesus’ application programming interfaces make sending financial data simple and secure (APIs).


By using this Investment Portfolio Management software, investors can even go through model portfolios to establish checkpoints to their personal goals and find new inspirations. The software sends instant real-time alerts, notifying users according to pre-scheduled metrics and recent changes within the market trends.

The proprietary scoring system within ZIggma, helps users select the top-graded companies, enhancing their overall investment returns.

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