Businesses and enterprises rely on networks for every operation in their servers. Hence, network monitoring is very crucial for any business. In today’s era of mega networking and work on servers, networks are spreading globally, having multiple links established between geographically separated data centers, public and private clouds. This creates multifold challenges in network management and brings up the need for having Load Balancing Software.

Why is a Load Balancing Software important?

 Network admins need to be more proactive and agile in monitoring network performance. However, this is easier said than done. Hence, in this article, the top 7 Load Balancing software has been reviewed and put into the hierarchy, according to the multiple functionalities they are capable of performing. 

  1. LoadMaster

Supporting Platforms: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based, Windows,  Linux

LoadMaster Balancing software has been listed on the top and there are a few reasons for that.

LoadMaster in general terms is an aircraft crew on civilian aircraft or it could be military transport aircraft, instructed with the safe loading, transport, and unloading of aerial cargoes. In the same manner, LoadMaster Load Balancing software is responsible for all the features mentioned in this article.

This software is a high-performance load balancing software that is used across all types and sizes of enterprises. It can make sure that your site gets facilitated with high availability, high performance as well as it has incredible flexibility.

Moreover, its installation is clutter-free and it is user-friendly because of its ease of management and, ensures secure web operations. In this platform, plenty of load balancing features has been given so that you can enjoy this LoadMaster like data compression, automatic configuration, content caching, content routing, redundancy checking, health monitoring, reverse proxy, etc.

  1. LoadBalancer.Org

Supporting Platforms: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based,  Desktop – Mac, Windows,  Linux is a very basic but easy to administer, install and set up. It comes with an automatic configuration feature. This software can cater to high performance and an effective solution to load balancing solutions to businesses despite the enterprise size. So, you can even use it for your small IT business with multiple employees working on a server. is based on Linux, which can even handle heavy traffic monitoring and make sure the uptime of critical business website applications. 

It provides content routing, content caching, compression of data, health monitoring functionalities, etc etc. With the help of this tool, you easily can balance multiple protocols just by using a single application. You, as a user, can easily introduce new servers in the current setup without worrying about any downtime!

  1. Snapt Balancer

Supporting Platforms: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based

Snapt offers a modern, software-only ADC solution that was born in the cloud and is designed to be flexible, customizable, fast, and easy to use. Snapt’s ADC offering, with its load balancer, web accelerator, and application firewall is designed to improve and protect clients’ virtual infrastructure while providing fast delivery. Snapt allows DevOps to focus on optimizing, enhancing, and building on any network, on any device, platform, or cloud-based infrastructure.

It is compatible with Small, medium, and Fortune 1000 enterprises with critical or large applications and web services.

  1. NGINX Plus

Supporting Platforms: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based, Mac,  Windows

Powering half of the world’s busiest sites, NGINX is the heart of the modern web. We help you deploy and deliver your sites and apps with performance, reliability, security, and scale. We do this by providing a complete application delivery platform, NGINX Plus: combining load balancing, content caching, web serving, security controls, and monitoring in one easy-to-use software package. NGINX ensures top performance and flawless delivery for any application across all types of infrastructure.

  1. ManageEngine OP Manager

Supporting Platforms: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based,  Desktop – Mac, Windows,  Linux

ManageEngine OpManager is an easy-to-use and affordable network monitoring solution in the market.  

This software is capable of empowering users enterprise force with adequate powers of mobility, by increasing employee wise productivity levels without compromising on the security aspect.

The functionality of IBM Cloud Load Balancer is to monitor devices that have an IP and is connected to the network. Routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, wireless LAN controllers, servers, VMs, printers, storage devices, and more devices are eligible for monitoring by this software. It provides a 360-degree view related to enterprise mobility, helping out users with easy enrolment and authentication of both corporate and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices. An intuitive dashboard made available by the same helps with smart ecosystem monitoring backed by simpler overviews.

  1. IBM Cloud Load Balancer

Supporting Platforms: 

IBM Cloud Load Balancer software is a popular platform used in increasing traffic with business-related applications.

IBM Cloud load balancers can load balance traffic among your servers to help improve uptime. It is easier to scale your applications by simply adding or removing servers, with minimum disruption to your traffic flows. 

IBM Cloud offers both classic and VPC load balancers for smooth bifurcation. 

The software offers application ports or protocols and maps them with the qualified domain name on these ports. The method allocates IP addresses from a public subnet from your account to automate secure business workflows. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.

  1. Dyn Traffic Director

Supporting Platforms: Web-Based 

Traffic Director by Dyn is a cloud-based traffic management solution that provides geolocation load balancing, traffic routing, and ratio load balancing.

It is a simple Web-Based solution so they don’t have additional features to facilitate other functions.


These are among the top load balancing solutions available in the market. One can now choose their required software by comparing their features, here on SaaSworthy.

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